Wind power plant

People have it in their mind that Slovenia is not the appropriate place for exploitation of the wind energy. And yet we have proven exactly the opposite just buy constructing the first wind power plant. In JJ-EETI s.p. is engaging…


Construction of mobile transmitters

Projecting and construction of base stations for systems of mobile phone is our primary branch since establishment of the company till nowadays. We are building all types of base stations (roof top, green field…). We have carried out numerous successful…


Water power plant

It is commonly known that Slovenia is a country of water, therefor gaining energy of renewable source is taken for granted. At JJ-EETI s.p. we are totally aware of all the obstacles standing in the way of gaining all the…



In addition to telecommunications we also involve in electrical engineering, the prerequisite for all other systems we work with. We provide all types of low voltage electrical installations (for buildings,business facilities, …), suppliement of concrete electricalcabinets, connection to an switch…



More than 800 BTS for mobile telephony use 4 COMPAX towers and installation for radio transmitters use 1 COMPAX tower and installation for TV transmitters use more than3,7 MW of solar power plant installations projecting and cooperation at 4 solar…


Our company is located in Cigonca near Slovenska Bistrica. The company was established in 1997 and employs 14 to 21 workers. Our areas of expertise are telecommunications, electrical engineering, energetics and constructions. We are also engaging in electro-telecommunication engineering. We are very active in projecting and constructing base stations for systems of mobile telephony, solar power plants, wind power plants, water power plants, heat pumps and electro-energetic systems. JJ-EETI s.p. is small company with great potential in “know how” area. Our good work is proven in lots of reference facilities, with more than 800 base stations and numerous satisfied clients. In the future we will strive to keep up with novelties in the area of energetics and mobile telephony service.
Our area of expertise is organisation and execution of real estate projects for our market, as well as architectural - construction planning and technical counseling associated with it.

1.0 - Our mission

The mission of JJ-EETI s.p. is to follow and succeed through our philosophy of business and development. We pumper our clients with reliable, high quality and best available technical solutions in all of the areas that are attractive and favorable for new investments. Our mission is to not fall behind and to keep up with new technology in this area, which is fast and constantly evolving. The science of telecommunications and electrical engineering remains our priority.

2.0 - Our vision

Our vision is to follow the changes, keep upgrading our expert skills in the area of energetics and mobile technologies. We wish to continue pleasing our clients with our quality, flexible solutions and thus stay competitive and well established in the market.

3.0 - Our values

Honesty, transparency, hard work and expertise are our biggest and most important values which we consistently follow. These values make a major impact on our business ethics. We are a company of heartfelt, hardworking people and our values are one of the most important factors that make this company a successful one.
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